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Thank you screens and redirects
Thank you screens and redirects
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A Thank You Screen is the final screen your respondents see after submitting a form. You can show different Thank You screen based on the answers selected, price/scores achieved by the respondent.

If you're on a Gold plan or above, you can redirect your respondents to different webpages based on their answers, instead of displaying Thank You screen.

Click a section header to learn about Thank you Screens or redirects:

Add Thank You screens to your form

1. Open your form from your Dashboard.

2. To add a new Thank you Screen, under Endings in the left-hand Question panel, click + and choose Thank You Screen:

3. Click on the Thank You Screen text to change it. You can use Recall information in your Thank You Screen: type @ to include information (answers, scores or price) from your form. This is useful for reminding respondents of information that they entered while filling out the form, or addressing them by name.

Tip! Remember, you can also format text put URLs in your text, and they'll be automatically clickable.

4. Optional - You can use multiple Thank You Screens and redirects in the same form, but respondents will only see one Thank You Screen or redirect, based on the Logic you have set up.


0-1 Correct Answers: Novice Networker - You’re just getting started, but there’s lots to learn!

2-3 Correct Answers: Marketing Maven - You’ve got some skills, keep honing them!

4-5 Correct Answers: Lead Legend - You’re a marketing maestro, keep up the great work!

See Logic for more information.

Thank You Screen settings

Use the right-hand Question panel to change the Thank You Screen settings.


By default, your Thank You Screen button is on. You can change the text of the button and also change the button link (e.g. your website).

If button is not required, you can toggle this button to off.

Note - Your URL must be a secure HTTPS address (e.g. - make sure this is included in your URL or the link will not work.

Image or video

To add an image or video to your Thank You Screen, click Add next to Image or video in the Question settings panel.

To add an image, upload or drop your own image file.

You can upload JPEG, PNG, static or animated GIFs. The maximum size is 4MB.

To remove your image, click the trash can icon in the Question panel.


You can include a video from YouTube. Simply click the Add button next to Image or video, switch to the Video tab in the media editor, and paste in the URL of your video - e.g.

Tip! - You can use a video or an image, but not both. If you’ve added an image, you must remove it before trying to add a video!

Delete Thank You Screens

To delete a Thank You Screen, click the cross icon next to it which will apear on hover in the left-hand Question panel:

Note - Adding Thank You Screens is optional. If you don’t add Thank You Screen or delete all of your Thank You Screens, your responders will see a default Thank You Screen like the one below:

Add redirects to your form

Instead of showing respondents a Thank You Screen when they submit your form, you can automatically redirect them to a URL of your choice after submission. This is available on Gold plans and above.

When a respondent submits a form, you can redirect them to an external URL like your website or a calendar tool available in form settings.

To access your form settings, open your form in the Create panel and click on Settings in the right-hand sidebar.

Switch on the toggle next to Redirect on completion and Add a web link of choice that will load once a respondent clicks the submit button at the end of your form.


  • Respondents don't see Thank you pages when you use Redirect to completion.

  • Redirect on completion doesn’t work when using Preview mode in the builder.

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